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What is home staging?

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Home staging is a process whereby art, meets science, meets psychcology in preparing a house for resale. Like setting the stage on a movie set or theatre, (hence the term "staging"), we create an intentional presentation for best showcasing any home in its most favorable light. Home Staging works to update, resolve or distract from detrimental issues, accent a home's positive attributes, reveal potential, and improve decor for maximum buyer desirability and appeal. Home staging is a wide-range process by which a home is prepared to be seen through the eyes of a buyer.

Why is home staging important?

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The goal for most people is to sell their house quickly and for the most money possible. Perspective buyers can easily be turned off by appearance and things that have little or nothing to do with the actual house itself. Staging works to eliminate anything seen as detrimental to the sale. When a home goes up for sale it becomes a product and it needs to be the most attractive to entice the consumer. A house that is dirty, cluttered, or in a state of disrepair, will not attract a qualified buyer willing to pay full price. Decorating a home to live in is very different than decorating a home to sell.

A buyer’s first impression of a house is absolutely crucial. Beginning with curb appeal, how a home looks and “feels” has a huge impact on how fast it sells and the dollar amount of incoming offers. Staging a home works to create a broad spectrum appeal that better allows any buyer the ability to imagine themselves living in it so they can more accurately assess how well that home will meet their needs. We are visual beings and judge most things by what we see. How potential buyers judge any home is greatly affected by what the sellers have in it. When potential buyers come to view a home we know they are already interested pr they wouldn't be coming but it's a seller’s job to make sure buyer’s like what they see when they get there.

Home staging has been proven the most highly effective and profitable selling tool in the Real Estate Industry today. Abracadabra Home Staging / MBA Interiors and a great Realtor give any home its greatest chance to sell, faster and for the most money.  

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What does Home Staging involve or include?

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Preparing a home to sell is NOT a one size fits all process. It encompasses a variety of things and can include things like eliminating clutter, rearranging furniture, painting and repairs, decorating, and can even involve some updating or renovation.

Here are The 5 Commandments when selling a house

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CLEAN: Dirty is the most common thing that really discourage buyers. Buyers are more likely to be forgiving of a home's imperfections if it's clean. This is the time to pay special attention to cleaning woodwork, kitchen cabinets and appliances, and making sure bathrooms sparkle. Have dirty carpeting cleaned and make sure your windows sparkle.

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DE-CLUTTER and PACK: Clutter is a BIG problem when selling a house. This is the perfect time to sort and pack unneeded belongings. BEFORE your house goes on the market, is the time to clean and organize closets, cabinets, attics, and basements.  This is the perfect time to pack away, give away, donate, or throw away anything you no longer need or want and pack what you can comfortably live without.  When it's time to move, you'll be ahead of the game. And remember, what you pack, you'll have to unpack in your new house.


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PAINT and REPAIR: A can of paint goes a long way to beautify the appearance of walls, old or outdated kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanities. Paint is very affordable and choosing a fresh updated color can transform the appearance of any home inside or out. When selling a house, this is the time to fix what's broken and add a fresh coat of paint to things like the front door, garage doors, and porch.

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REARRANGE/REINVENT: What you have in the house and how it's arranged greatly affects how buyers see and judge any home. It's time to pack your collectibles. An over-kill collection of nick knacks, pictures, and even plants work against the effort to sell. Less is better. Rearranging the furniture can maximize the perception of space, and add better traffic flow . Reinventing what you already have helps provide the best FEEL. A homes Feng Shui, balance, visual interest and buyer appeal is crucial. You may have to live without the family heirlooms or grandma's hutch for a bit but that's OK. They will find a special place in your new home.

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DECORATE: Decorating IS the icing on the cake and biggest selling bang for the buck. An attractive decor lends a VERY powerful attribute to the selling strategy. What we SEE affects how we FEEL. Your belongings hold a ton of power over whether or not they fall in love with your home. This is the time to refresh. Adding a little "trendy"  doesn't have to cost a fortune. Affordable finds are everywhere. Things like a splash of color, new throw pillows, area rugs for bathroom and kitchen,  beautiful wall art, updated window treatments, can easily (and affordably) make your house irresistible in charm and desirability. Accent lighting is a wonderful way to add warmth and ambiance. First impressions of people are often judged by how they are dressed. It's no different with homes.

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