simple changes can give any room a much more updated look and feel


nothing has been done to this kitchen except to eliminate the clutter. for buyers viewing (and judging) a property, this can be a game changer.

Staging....This is the deal

Living spaces vary greatly from house to house. Everyone's defintion of nice or clean is different and a sellers belongings can very often prove detrimental to a sale. Thanks to staging shows on HGTV, buyer expectation is high and potential buyers expect to see homes that are clean, uncluttered, decorated and yes, even updated. A negative appearance in an instant, can kill a buyer's interest. Staging, you could say, is where ART meets Psycology for the sole purpose of visually, helping a new buyer FEEL wonderful when they walk in the door. Someone has to LOVE the home if you hope them to buy it. That first impression is parammount and extremely powerful.


ABOVE & BELOW. SEE THE DIFFERENCE....Removing old wall paper, re-painting walls and kitchen cabinets, and a good cleaning transformed this little water front gem from deplorable to delightful. Removing the old smelly carpeting revealed lovely original wood floors that just needed a light steel wool cleaning, and after a couple of coats of quick drying water based urethane, their luster was renewed.  Some affordable decorative items gave this cozy vacant home a hint of warmth and personality without breaking the bank.   ......oh, and It SOLD immediately.


more staged rooms. clean, neat, lightly decorated.



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