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Before and After Lessons in Home Staging

Curb Appeal

Modern home entrance||||

Curb Appeal is huge when it comes to selling a house. It is very often where potential buyers decide whether or not to look further. Some simple things can make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal. Painting the front door to add some color, grooming the front yard so it looks neat and tidy, planting some flowers, and a welcome plaque or wreath certainly go a long way.


Dream home with flowers||||

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Modern home kitchen||||

Kitchens are the heart of the home and they carry the most selling power of any room in the house. Kitchens do not always have to be state of the art but they should always be spotless, free of counter clutter, smell good, and be as updated in appearance as possible. Even older kitchens can be updated by painting older cabinets, updating window treatments, adding new cabinet hardware, and brightening up the paint color. There are many cost-effective ways to improve or upgrade any kitchen and impress potential buyers. This kitchen was a bit dated but the market value could not justify costly upgrades. However, a thorough cleaning and removal of all the clutter made this not so bad kitchen look much much better.


Interior of kitchen||||

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Picture of clutter bedroom||||

Bedrooms are often regarded as private spaces so many buyers are a little more understanding if their appearance isn't pristine. When a house goes on the market, all bedrooms should appear clean and neat, properly arranged, free of clutter, simply decorated, and most importantly smelling fresh. Less is better. Bedding should be freshly laundered, and no bedroom should ever smell of dirty clothes or like a gym locker room. The odor from a child's bed-wetting issues will always prove to turn off a buyer.

Well arranged bedroom||||

Another bedroom Before & After

Picture of bedroom before||||
Picture of bedroom after||||

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Bathroom in general house||||

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are a costly room to renovate so most buyers will be turned off by an old and dated bathroom. Certainly this is a good place to put a little money and effort when you are selling your home. There are many simple and affordable ways to upgrade a bathroom making the most of what you have. Changing or framing a mirror, painting the vanity, adding some trendy accents are all great ways to bring any bathroom up a
few notches.


Bathroom in class house||||

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Living Rooms

General living room||||

Living rooms are where life happens. Living rooms and family rooms should never appear chaotic, disheveled, or extremely dated. How buyers see and judge a home’s living spaces is greatly affected by what the sellers have in them. Less is always better. Furniture arrangement and décor are very important in living spaces and can have a great influence on buyers one way or the other.


Well arranged living room||||

Another Living Room Before & After

Living room before arranged||||
Living room after arranged||||

Another Living Room Before & After

Living room before remodeling||||
Living room after remodeling||||

Another Living Room Before & After

Living room with sclutter||||
Newly remodeled living room||||

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Not every house will be right for every buyer. Certainly things like location, floor plan, and the amount of land a house sits on, are things no seller has any control over.

However, people selling a home in today's challenging market DO have the ability to influence buyers in a highly positive way. By seeking and following the advice of a professional home stager such as Abracadabra Home Staging / MBA Interiors in Fitchburg, MA, you not only increase your chances of securing an interested buyer, but you also increase your chances of selling your house for much more money.  

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